When a child cannot compete with colleagues, he or she feels dejected. Works Cited Statsky, Jessica. The psychological dangers to a child who compete rather than play in organized sports also exists. As we get older, sports can become relatively stressful to us because we constantly worry about homework, school, and occasionally work, but that is not always the case with young children. Another undesirable implication of competitive sport is that it exposes children to intense physical activity which can be disadvantageous in terms of injuries. Another dimension of disadvantageous implications of competitive sports for children is that it hampers the spirit of play in them.

This is simply untrue. Her aim is to establish the value attached to good time, how games are supposed to help children get along with their colleagues and if these games enable them to develop confidence and athletic skills. Play is essential to healthy development encompassing mental, emotional, and physical well-being in all children Your summary is very very short and I was so surprised because my summary is incredibly long, compared with your’s. More importantly, they should play games that they enjoy. Player has only three means to do so, dribbling, passing and shooting.

By doing so, one will adversely affect a child’s mental and physical development. She provides different dimensions that illustrate how competitiveness jessica statsky essay sports hampers the wellbeing of children Statsky, I really like the way that you give your own ideas on the issue of competition.

So there is absolute effective way for small player to achieve the team score for winning. When we are younger we have countless amounts of energy jessica statsky essay in our bodies and hardly run out of it. Click to create a comment.

“Children Need to Play, Not Compete” by Jessica Statsky Review

Physical dangers exist for parents who insist that children compete in sports rather simply playing. They should encourage their child to play with their friends in local grounds and should not put stress on them jessica statsky essay play at a competitive level so that children start benefitting from the enjoyable experience of sports. While a child can learn very young, they need play time. Jessica statsky essay do not know the exact reason, but I wanted to cry when I read your reaction.

Jessica statsky essay Importance of Play in the Education System Essay – Changes in the Education System The focus of the education system has changed drastically in the past twenty-six years.

These shortcomings can significantly hamper the development of the child and even jessica statsky essay as an adult. Therefore they believe student-athletes should not receive a pay check to participate in a sport.

Ogori, Fukuoka, Japan View my complete profile. Consequently, she argues that the common jessica statsky essay among adults. Additionally, this kind of pressure exposes the child to risks of injuries.

I think problem can be there, in child rights. Receive an answer from students like you! The pressure on these children is caused by the lofty expectations and targets.

It is not necessary to inflict adult expectations on children who can barely hold a bat up or run in a straight line. Children are subjected to extraordinary pressure in an attempt to steer them towards victory is a given sport. Balance is the answer. Through my coaching career and continued education of the game and the mental side of basketball and all sports, I have developed a philosophy I truly believe in.

Summary and response A host of articles and analysis have been written on this — the uglier side of parenting, childhood, jessica statsky essay competition.

Jessica statsky essay more important subject of discussion that has not been given much attention despite its crucial importance is the need to educate the off springs jessica statsky essay illegal immigrants in the United States. However, such a trend is not emphasized upon by coaches in the different sports for children.

The first dimension of these implications encompasses the discouragement of children.

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Meanwhile, teachers and parents advised that, happiness lies on competing and outperforming others Moreover, the author was against focusing on winning, I am not completely against it. This study will attempt to accomplish this. There should not be any ramifications for a child who is unable to compete because losing at such an early age does not mean. Leaders from the military, business world and sports have all played crucial impacts on the way we live our lives.

As we get older, sports can become relatively stressful to us because we constantly worry about homework, school, and occasionally work, but that is not always the case with young children.

More than ever, a myriad of incentive programs and systems have been created to help schools and teachers manage behavior, motivate learners and encourage engagement At a young age, children should not devote so much time towards sports Jessica statsky essay, They believe that if performers in the entertainment industry are paid, why not pay the college-athletes Your summary is very very jessica statsky essay and I was so surprised because jessica statsky essay summary is incredibly long, compared with your’s.

For instance, it can hamper their concentration in studies and hence weaken their performance.

This writing has a lot to recommend to other readers. The standards set for children in competitive sports are beyond their age. Parents and coaches who are obsessed with winning will fail to see the relevance of the sport being played in terms of how it helps the overall development of a child. As noted by the author in the article, competitive sports for children have numerous shortcomings. Reward strategies are jessica statsky essay everyday occurrence jessica statsky essay our classrooms.

This is why it is important to simply allow the child to jessica statsky essay the sport as a game. The existence of unsatisfied child athletes in organized sports is no indication that children are somehow unsuited to competition and team sports.

Pages 1 words. Click to create a comment. It was interesting to read your reaction, because you write a sort of different idea from the author’s. Jessica statsky essay view of such implications, children must be allowed to play. Hence, parents and coaches should seek to teach children sportsmanship and this will prevent physical hazards, anxiety, psychological and misbehavior in children sports.

When a child cannot compete with colleagues, he or she feels dejected.