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Salem Online Christian Fellowship is a nondenominational site with resources and fun stuff for Christians of all denominations  and provides blogs and forums for people to express their views on issues of faith . 

The site is not and will never be associated with any landed church or denomination.

The site is not intended to replace a local church but to offer another opportunity to chat with other Christians , recharge your faith and fortify yourself as you continue in your personal Christian service.

If you are a Christian take some time to explore and see all the resources this site has to offer all absolutely free. Our general satement of beliefs is here.

If you are not a Christian please take some time to look around and explore this site as we hope it may help you find Jesus. Click here for a few notes for non-Christians. Then, you might want to look at the FAQ page.


We are still busy adding to our new site so check back often to see what’s new. The SBI link above is for Salem Bible Institute our free site for those interested in serious structured study whether for ministry or just for yourself. Our forum, blogs, recipes, Ecards, and much more is already available. We will be expanding our library soon and adding a section on creation science.

TeenCrusaders is our other site it is a Christians only social network site it is also completely free so feel free to check it out.

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